Endelienta, as a charitable organisation for music, literature, arts and reflection, builds on the international reputation of the St Endellion Music Festivals and the unique qualities of St Endellion Church and its surrounding landscape.

Endelienta is a joint venture of three partner organisations: the St Endellion Parochial Church Council, the St Endellion Festivals Trust and the Diocese of Truro. Together we wish to make St Endellion a community hub for the arts and spirituality – attracting people from North Cornwall and beyond.

With a year-round programme of classical, folk and jazz concerts, workshops, visual art exhibitions, festivals and reflective days, we want to reach out to local audiences and those visiting from further away, including young and older people and to those affected by poverty, disability or social isolation.

The Endelienta Vision

To make St Endellion

  • A place of pilgrimage for all those who love the arts and value a place to reflect and re-connect
  • A creative magnet to attract new people to the joys and delights of the arts and spirituality – leaving nobody out
  • A living community that encourages creative exploration and supports emerging talent

The Endelienta Programme

The Summer and Easter Music Festivals at St Endellion are well known, as is the North Cornwall Book Festival. Endelienta promotes a programme of music concerts, literature events and art exhibitions throughout the year, mostly at St Endellion, but also at nearby venues such as the church at St Kew. Reflective days give people the opportunity to explore their spirituality through the arts. Endelienta community projects reach out to people in the local villages. Through a programme of residentials on site, emerging artists are invited to come and work for a period on the St Endellion campus.


We put on one or two music concerts each month, including classical, jazz and folk music. Recent highlights include performances by the K’antu Ensemble, The Joyful Company of Singers, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Jazz group Misbehavin’, the Truro Cathedral Choir, Three Spires Singers, Devon Baroque and the Endelienta Scholars.


Poetry and Literature are thriving in North Cornwall and, under the artistic leadership of novelist Patrick Gale, Endelienta is proud to host the North Cornwall Book Festival. Part of the Festival is devoted to younger readers from schools across the county. Literature also makes a regular appearance in our reflective days.

Visual Arts

Art Exhibitions take place in the St Endellion Hall. The exhibitions show two- and three-dimensional work of outstanding quality by selected artists.

Reflective Days

Each of our reflective days takes a theme that explores spirituality in modern day life. Led by eminent thinkers and inspirational leaders, including St Endellion prebendaries Rowan Williams and Paul Fiddes, the reflective days enable people to come together, take stock and connect with their creative selves.

Community Projects

Through community projects Endelienta wants to make the arts more accessible for people who are socially or rurally isolated or have limited access to transport. In 2015 for example the North Cornwall Story Exchange brought young and old together around life stories to be cherished by all.


Endelienta has set up a small annual programme of residencies for composers, writers and visual artists, inviting emerging talents to come and work on the St Endellion campus and be inspired by the location.

Spirit of Place

St Endellion Church has been described as a place where the veil between heaven and earth is very thin. Musicians, writers and artists and anyone susceptible to the positive spirit of this location love to come to St Endellion. It is the perfect place to experience the arts and spirituality at their purest and most moving.

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