Endelienta Arts welcomes close to 5000 participants and audience members to St Endellion and other occasional local venues in its year-round programme to promote the arts and spirituality in North Cornwall.

In addition to its 20 concerts per year, the annual programme includes the increasingly prestigious North Cornwall Book Festival; a monthly poetry group and book club; Take Part activities and projects (link to Take Part page) including the Annual Residency for three emerging artists from different disciplines; art exhibitions, and the Reflective programme, which attracts attendances between 20 and 200 for quiet days, study days and workshops – for which the prebendaries, Professor Paul Fiddes and Archbishop Rowan Williams, are a particular draw. 

The recent Hall Project raised over £600,000 to develop the facilities at St Endellion.  The new hall was opened in October 2019 and, has started to reach out to the community to widen participation and attract the hard to reach.  The St Endellion campus also benefits from the Stone Barn and Farmhouse owned by the St Endellion Festivals Trust which, in addition to providing a domestic base for the Trust’s music festivals, also offers year-round residential facilities for up to 25 people and valuable space for daytime workshops and meetings.

Endelienta Arts is a joint venture of three partner organisations: the St Endellion Parochial Church Council, the St Endellion Festivals Trust and the Diocese of Truro. 

Endelienta Arts’ Purpose, Aims and Values

Endelienta Arts’ purpose is to promote the arts and spirituality in North Cornwall.   

The charity:

  • strives for high quality in all of its activities; to reach beyond the ordinary.
  • aims to build the size and diversity of its audiences; seeking always to be inclusive.
  • consistently looks for diversity and inclusiveness in its programming.
  • wants to encourage talent and creativity, particularly among young people.
  • is itself a partnership;  it values collaboration and partnerships with other cultural providers in North Cornwall to achieve these aims.  


We put on one or two music concerts each month, including classical, jazz, world, and folk music. Recent highlights include performances by the K’antu Ensemble, Endelienta Ensemble, Peoples String Foundation, Ninebarrow, Balagan Cafe Band and Cornwall Camerata.


Poetry and Literature are thriving in North Cornwall and, under the artistic leadership of novelist Patrick Gale, Endelienta Arts is proud to host the North Cornwall Book Festival. Part of the Festival is devoted to younger readers from schools across the county. Literature also makes a regular appearance in our reflective days.

Visual Arts

Art exhibitions take place in the St Endellion Hall. The exhibitions show two- and three-dimensional work of outstanding quality by selected artists as well as exhibitions by local art groups’.

Reflective Days

Each of our reflective days takes a theme that explores spirituality in modern day life. Led by eminent thinkers and inspirational leaders, including St Endellion prebendaries Rowan Williams and Paul Fiddes, the reflective days enable people to come together, take stock and connect with their creative selves.

Take Part

Our community projects under the banner Take Part aim to make the arts more accessible for people who are socially or rurally isolated, helping them be involved in high-quality arts activities. 


Endelienta Arts has set up a small annual programme of residencies for composers, writers and visual artists, inviting emerging talents to come and work on the St Endellion campus and be inspired by the location.

Spirit of Place

Musicians, writers, artists and audiences love to come to St Endellion because of its unique spirit and atmosphere. It is the perfect place to experience the arts and spirituality at their purest and most moving.

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