20th November



Spindle Ensemble are a chamber quartet like no other. They perform their own style of contemporary classical music, combining beautiful melodies, virtuoso musicianship, elements of folk and jazz with their unique line up: piano, marimba, vibraphone, violin, cello, Celtic harp and accordion. Their innovative style has gained them much praise and radio play on both BBC Radio 3 and 6 Music, enjoyed by audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The Ensemble are equally at home in concert halls and village halls, delivering spell binding performances rooted in spontaneity and improvisation resulting in truly captivating sonic soundscapes.

Following the success of their critically acclaimed debut album BEA, their second album INKLING was released by Hidden Notes Records (founded by contemporary classical festival ‘Hidden Notes’) in May. Part of the ethos of Hidden Notes is to take world class modern classical music out of the cities and into smaller communities, their 2021 festival in Stroud, sold tickets worldwide and featured performances from internationally renowned artists Penguin Cafe and Jonny Greenwood.

“This is cinematic music of a high calibre, executed with eloquent musicianship.” Songlines Magazine

‘These guys are seriously talented’ Nick Luscombe on BBC Radio 3, Late Junction