Coronavirus Update

An update from the St Endellion Easter Festival and Endelienta –



St Endellion Easter Festival – from Suzanne Doyle and Katy Thomson, Co-Chairs

It is with heavy hearts we announce that we must cancel the 2020 St Endellion Easter Festival, owing to the potential impact of Coronavirus on the people and place we hold so dear.  Following consultation with the Church Wardens at St Endellion and the Trustees of St Endellion Festivals Trust, we have decided it would be irresponsible to continue with the 2020 Easter Festival.

We are acutely aware of the problems this cancellation could cause and would like to apologise for any inconvenience. We hope you will understand how hard we have worked to avoid this situation: sadly, it is now beyond our control.  In the Festival’s entire 47-year history, this is only the second time we’ve ever had to cancel (the last time was because of the Foot and Mouth disease crisis), so this really is a last resort.

If you wish to obtain a refund for your tickets, please send an email to the Minack Theatre Box Office – – or phone them on 01736 810181.   You will need to state your name, the dates of the concerts for which you had purchased tickets, and their value.

However, as the Festival’s insurance doesn’t cover pandemics, we are looking at a potential loss running into many thousands of pounds, so if you felt able to donate your ticket price, or a portion of it, to help the festival to cover costs, we would be enormously grateful for your generosity.   If you wish to donate the full value of your tickets, please send an email to or phone her on 01840 214613 giving your name, the dates of the concerts for which you had purchased tickets, and their value.   Contacting Catherine rather than the Minack Theatre will save the Festival from paying them further administrative charges. If you wish to donate a portion of the ticket value and obtain a part refund, please contact the Minack as above, specifying which tickets you would like refunded, and which not.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sending you details of the 2021 festival in due course.



Endelienta Summer Season – From Ian Sandbrook, Chair

For the same reasons as described above, we are very sorry that we have to cancel Endelienta concerts and reflective days through until the end of April.  It is very likely that events in May will also be cancelled so we shall not put tickets on sale for these at this stage.   Please watch the website to monitor the situation.

You will see from our website that we had programmed a full summer season. We hope that by June we will be able to open our doors again, and all June and July events are listed on our website.   As and when our programme restarts, you will be able to purchase tickets on our website or on the door.   We will of course update you about our plans in our monthly mailing.

Thank you for your patience in bearing with us.